If you are Asian, African, Latin American, Eastern European or Middle Eastern and you are reading this article, chances are you are hard-working, prosperous but still ambitious, and more than a little nervous and frustrated regarding your future. If you would like access to a world where you would feel free and safe every day and sleep easily at night – read on!

Some of you have already achieved so much in your lives, built a prosperous business, maybe raised a healthy family, but there is always the nagging fear in the back of your mind that all you have worked for could be taken away in an instant, by organized criminals or even your own government.  Even though all of your business dealings have been legal and above board, because of your nation’s politics or religious extremism, you are only too aware that should you fall foul of the wrong person, you could end up penniless and in prison overnight.

Others among you might live in a country with a government that is balancing precariously and could be toppled at any time. You and others like you who have worked hard and achieved a high standard of living are increasingly looked upon unfavorably, by the hordes who are less fortunate than yourself. Should the current government collapse, you too would fear losing everything you have worked so hard for – including your family, your fortune and your freedom – overnight.


Why Do So Many Billionaires Live In The West?


Have you noticed how many multi-millionaires and billionaires from countries like Russia, China, India and Iran choose to live in the West? Let’s focus on one Western city in particular; London. There are more billionaires (75) in London than any other European city (Beijing displaced New York in 2015 as the no.1 city globally), and the majority of those are non UK-natives, although most hold EU citizenship.

Among the more high profile are Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, and his fellow countrymen, brothers Sri and Gopi Hinduja (banking and investment), Russian oligarchs turned Premier League football club owners Roman Abramovich (Chelsea) and Alisher Usmanov (Arsenal), Ukrainian corporate investor Leonard Blavatnik, Singapore-born oil baron Carrie Perrodo and Chinese property developer Joseph Lau.

You can find similar numbers of super-rich foreigners in any major city in Europe – including Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome and North American cities like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Toronto.

Aside from their wealth, these individuals have one thing in common; they have forsaken their homelands for a new life in the West, purely because they enjoy a level of freedom and security their own countries could never guarantee them.

What makes a man who had worked hard all his life in his home country choose to enjoy the fruits of that labor in another? One word; civilization. The West is simply more civilized when  it comes to everything from government to law enforcement, health care, education, human rights, legal representation, and freedom of movement, to name just a handful. Such a high level of civilization can only be born out of decades of democracy and non-corrupt and non-extremist governments in power, something rarely found in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.


How Can You Join Them?


You might not be a billionaire (yet), but you can still make the choice to live and work in the West, and enjoy life in a democracy. The easiest and most fool-proof way of ensuring that you can live and work in any European Union country – including France, Germany, Spain, and for now the UK – is by becoming an EU passport holder yourself. And the fastest way to become an EU passport holder is via Citizenship by Investment (CBI).

CBI is the legal practice of a country granting its citizenship and passport to high net-worth investors who makes a specific investment (usual a real estate purchase) into that country. Applicants will have to undergo a stringent background check, and may have to spend a brief period or residency (usually several days) in the country whose citizenship they choose, but will normally receive their citizenship and passport within three months to one year, depending on the country.

EU nations that currently have CBI programs or a similar residency program include Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary and Bulgaria.


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