If you are a high net-worth individual who hails from Asia, Africa or the Middle East, chances are you have been getting by with a passport which is substantially limited in the amount of countries it can access visa-free. If that is you, did you know that there has never been a better time to do something about that underperforming passport of yours?

Dual citizenship is rapidly becoming the norm in the modern world of business, and ownership of a passport of the caliber provided by the E.U or US will make a dramatic difference to your life in terms of freedom of movement and economic opportunities.


Strong vs Weak Passports

The best performing passports hail from E.U countries, the USA, Canada, Australasia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and South Korea. Most of these passports will grant the holder access to at least 160 countries. Passports from major European nations like the UK, France and Germany and the United States have access to more than 170 countries.

Countries from Asia like China, India and Pakistan, and from Africa, including Kenya, Zambia and Ghana tend to underperform in the world passport rankings.

However there is one part of the world where virtually every nation – no matter how vital they might be to the West – is seemingly punished routinely by countries refusing its citizens entry unless they have a visa, and that is the Middle East.


The Middle East

Unfortunately for high net-worth individuals from the Middle East, despite their excellent reputation of trading with the West, their strong traditions of business ethics and natural desire to expand their business interests worldwide, they find themselves tarred with the same brush as terrorists and extremists, in that the passports they carry will be routinely refused entry by the vast majority of countries in the world unless accompanied by a stringent visa.

By far the best performing passport from the Middle East is that of the United Arab Emirates which will grant the user access to 122 countries. While this is a respectable figure, it is still some way short of Germany’s total of 177. The U.A.E tally is nevertheless far superior to that of its mega-wealthy neighbor Saudi Arabia, whose passport only has access to 69 countries.

The Lebanon historically is known as the business capital of the Middle East and there are multiple cases of Lebanese businesspeople who have carved out excellent reputations for themselves in Western Europe and the United States, and yet a Lebanese passport will grant its owner access to just 39 countries.

It remains to be seen if the recent lifting of sanctions against Iran will change the way its citizens are treated when they wish to travel. For the time being their passport is a wimp that has access to just 37 countries worldwide. Not surprisingly, the poorest performing Middle Eastern passports are those of Iraq and Afghanistan, who have access to 30 and 25 countries respectively.


Benefits of an EU passport

If you hail from the Middle East or indeed China, India or an African nation and consider yourself a high net-worth individual, you will certainly be able to see the appeal of owning a passport with more power than the one you currently have, and what a dramatic difference ownership of one would make to your life.

The 2ndPassports.com homepage displays a host of outstanding Citizenship by Investment programs, many for EU nations like Austria, Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Greece and Malta. Ownership of an E.U passport will give you instant access to a host of countries worldwide, and open up untold business opportunities instantly.


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