Senegal, an African country known for its French heritage, is creating noise due to a proposed ban on presidential candidates with dual citizenship. As per the proposed changes, anyone with dual nationality must give up the foreign nationality at least five years before applying for presidency.


According to reports, most politicians agree with the proposed change and are of the idea that the president should be of the country’s (Senegalese) origin. However, they are also criticizing Macky Sall, the current president, of wanting to bring this change to eliminate his biggest allies, Karim Wade and former PM Abdoul Mbaye, from the race for presidency.


The proposed change has stirred controversy throughout the country as a number of people find it to be biased and uncalled for. Observers say that the proposed change is unfair to individuals who were born abroad since they did not get to choose their birthplace.


It is common for presidents to have dual nationality in the country and a number of former presidents including Abdoulaye Wade and two of his predecessors all had dual citizenship. Wade, who is against the proposed law, justified it by pointing out that they were born before the nation came into being. But this might change soon if the proposed law gets accepted.


The party supporting the law defends it on the ground that the law only concerns presidential candidates and not all government officials. With Senegal expected to have its next presidential election in 2019, and the current head, Macky Sall, eligible to run for presidency one more time, it is said that he has proposed this bill only to save his own spot and prevent his contenders to run for the position.


Senegal is not the only country to think of such a law. Another country with stringent laws against dual nationality is Pakistan where individuals with dual nationality are not allowed to contest for elections, and are even barred from joining the military.


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