17 October 2016: The trend of countries granting citizenship and a passport in return for a significant financial investment continued with the announcement that the government of the Republic of Serbia has given the green light to a Serbian Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program.

Serbian citizenship will be relatively inexpensive to acquire, and can be secured for as little as a 100,000 donation to a government development fund. The minimum real estate investment is 250,000. If an applicant passes the required background check and has sufficient funds to meet the financial requirement of the CBI program, Serbian citizenship and a passport can be attained in just 60 days.

Serbia’s CBI program is already being strongly marketed in the Middle East by second citizenship specialists operating out of the UAE.

2ndPassports.com are the first Western based company to have access to the Serbian CBI program.


About Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is a sovereign state situated between Central and Southeast Europe, and located in the Balkans. Serbia is a landlocked country (i.e., it has no coastline) and borders Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Montenegro. It covers 88,000 km2, has a population of seven million, of which more than a million live in its capital, Belgrade. Serbia is a Christian country, religiously presided over by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

While Serbia has only existed as an independent republic since 2006, its history dates back to the eighth century. Serbia, along with Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia were formerly parts of Yugoslavia, before that country’s disintegration in the early in 1990s.


Famous Serbs

For a relatively small nation, Serbians have impacted the world, none more so than the political idealist Gavrilo Princip whose assassination in 1914 of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was the spark that ignited World War 1. Not quite so dramatic has been Serbia’s contribution to science, the arts, politics and more recently, sports.

Famous Serbs include legendary inventor Nikola Tesla, performance artist Marina Abramovich, American film director Peter Bogdanovich, Hollywood stars including Oscar winner Karl Malden and action heroine Milla Jovovich, from the world of soccer, club owner Milan Mandarić, Premier League players Nemanja Vidi and Branislav Ivanovi, and from the world of tennis Novak Djokovic and Monica Selles two of the greatest ever to play the game.


Serbia and the EU

Whilst Serbia aren’t yet a member of the EU (they formally applied for acceptance in 2012) but with the exit of Great Britain, possibly in 2019, the European Union could look to speed up the integration of nations like Serbia plus Balkan neighbors Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia. Serbia has traditionally kept a fine balance between the West and Russia, and the EU could be keen to court favor with Belgrade rather than lose them to Russian influence.


The Power of the Serbian Passport

29630 The Serbian passport currently grants its holder access to 115 countries visa-free, placing it 43rd on 2ndPassports.com’s 2016 World Passport Rankings. While there are passports that are considerably more powerful than that of Serbia (Germany for instance rank no.1 with access to 177 countries visa-free), because of Serbia’s ties with both the East and West, holders have the privilege of being able to travel visa free from Spain to Siberia, and visit every country in between.

Once Serbia is part of the EU, its passport power will shoot up to 160+ countries, but the cost of the Serbian Citizenship by Investment program will also rise substantially. If one considers that Malta charge 1.2 million and Cyprus 3 million for their CBI programs, it makes perfect sense to apply for Serbian citizenship now. Unlike Turkey, a Muslim nation whose national religion will unfortunately always count against them in the EU stakes, the fact that Serbia is a Christian country means they are sure to be accepted.



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