Sweden remains one of the strongest economies in Europe, and the Swedish passport is ranked the second most powerful in the world, but while a Swedish Citizenship by Investment program might be just a pipe-dream right now, with EU citizenship from any number of compliant countries, one can enjoy the same rights as a born and raised Swede.

As of now, the only guaranteed way of acquiring Swedish citizenship is via the principle of Jus Sanguinis Latin for Right of Blood. This means that you become a Swedish citizen by virtue of having Swedish parents, and nothing more. If you are born in a foreign country but your parents are Swedish, you too are Swedish. However, if you are born in Sweden to immigrant parents, you are not automatically Swedish. That child can in time be granted the status of Swedish citizenship, as can their parents, but only after a substantial period of residency in Sweden.

However, as an EU citizen, you would have the right to live and work in Sweden for as long as you like, or any other EU country for that matter. If you are not currently an EU citizen, but you would very much like to become one, Citizenship by Investment is the only guaranteed way of gaining a legal EU passport.

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Citizenship by Investment?


If you are involved in the worlds of business and high finance, you will no doubt be familiar with the term Citizenship by Investment. Citizenship by Investment (CBI for short) is the practice of acquiring the citizenship of a country other than that of your own by virtue of a substantial investment, for the purpose of the freedom of travel, business opportunities, favorable tax laws and discreet banking such citizenship will bring.

The nucleus of CBI was formulated in the 1980s in the Caribbean, where the very wealthy were keen to take advantage of the favorable taxation and private and creative banking available there as they are today. Beginning with St Kitts and Nevis in 1984, it wasn’t long before the system would be copied by other Caribbean nations including Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Lucia and Dominica.

While the Caribbean had the market cornered in terms of tax and banking, when it came to visa-free travel and the freedom to live and work unhindered in multiple countries, nothing compared to an EU passport, and right on que Western European countries of varying status began opening their doors to wealthy investors. Right now, depending upon the outlay you want to invest and the amount of time you wish to spend in a country, you can literally invest your way to citizenship in a country as small as Malta or as large and powerful as Germany.


If Sweden Had CBI, Which Nation Would It Be Comparable With?


So while we have established that for now at least, Swedish citizenship cannot be gained by virtue of investment, we can still look for a comparable program to what Sweden might one day have. We are looking for a country that has enormous respect throughout Europe, is economically self-sufficient, yet is not one of Europe’s heavyweight nations, nor does it suffer accordingly with the responsibilities that entails. According to our studies, the country that best matches Sweden’s criteria is Austria.

Sweden and Austria are geographically on the same longitude in Western Europe, with Sweden more northerly and Austria about as central as a country can get. Sweden’s 9.5 million population is 1 million more than Austria’s. Both countries per-capita GDP is virtually identical at around $48,000 which puts both nations in the world’s top-ten. Both countries rank every high in their Human Development Index (HDI) rating. HDI measures the life expectancy, education and income per-capita of a country.

Importantly, the Austrian passport ranks almost as highly as the Swedish passport does. Based on this criteria, it is safe to suggest that Sweden would have a similar CBI program to Austria, should they ever choose to open one.

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