If you are one of the many Syrian citizens looking for second citizenship and a passport to a new country, but as a businessperson of some means would prefer to bypass the methods many of your countrymen are attempting, i.e. risking life and limb on makeshift boats over treacherous seas, waiting in squalid conditions in internment camps then making long arduous treks to distant countries, all the while aware that you could still be refused entry when you get there – there is an alternative.

Let’s face it, the once proud nation of Syria is in turmoil. Had the millions of young men that have fled instead stood and fought, things may have turned out differently, but for now it’s too late. Things will likely get worse before they get better, but in the meantime, you need to think about yourself and your family, and about making a new life in a safe democracy.


No Guarantee Of Safe-Haven For Immigrants

Millions of your countrymen are seeking out destinations in Europe like the UK, Germany, Sweden and Finland, but the stark reality is even if they get there, there is a strong chance that they will either be refused entry point blank, and even if they do enter those countries, they might still be shipped back to Syria at a later date. The sheer number of immigrants is resulting in policy changes throughout Europe, and where there once was universal sympathy for Syrian refugees, there is now a hardening of hearts.


What Are My Options?

If you have the financial means, European citizenship and that precious E.U passport is still very much attainable. If you take a look at the 2ndPassports.com website you will see a host of countries who have opened their borders to accept Citizenship by Investment, including E.U member states like Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Belgium, Austria and the UK. The largest country in Europe Russia while not an E.U member – also has an excellent Citizenship by Investment program.


What Is Citizenship By Investment?

If you have the necessary capital to make a specific financial investment to a country with a Citizenship by Investment program, you will first be granted residency of that country, allowing you and your family to live and work there, and after an allotted time period you will then be able to claim that county’s citizenship and passport. Resultantly, your spouse and your children will also be able to claim citizenship.

The time period from application to receipt of citizenship can be years – as in the cases of Portugal and the UK, or just months, in the cases of Malta and Cyprus. Nevertheless no matter how long or short the duration, once you have acquired your E.U passport you will have the exact same rights as every other European citizen.


Benefits Of An E.U Passport

The benefits of holding an E.U passport are enormous, and the beauty is it makes no difference if you acquired your passport from Malta or from the UK. As a Syrian who also holds citizenship of an E.U member state, you can live and work anywhere you choose within Western Europe for as long as you wish there are no time constrictions. As a Syrian you will be well accustomed to applying for visas when you wish to travel abroad, but as an E.U citizen, that will become a thing of the past. A European passport is the most powerful in the world, and no matter the E.U state you choose you will be able to travel to 170+ countries worldwide visa-free.


Benefits Of A Russian Passport

Syria and Russia have been allies for many decades, and Syrians have long been welcome in Russia for the sound business acumen, but as a Russian passport holder you would be entitled to much more than just the friendship of the Russian people. Russia began its own Citizenship by Investment program in 2015, and it is arguably the best value of all. The minimum investment is just $100,000 dollars, and that money can be invested in your own business.

Tax in Russia is the most favorable of any major country, with business tax set at 20% and individual tax at just 13%. Russia may well become as popular with Western businesses as China in the coming years as they open their doors to investors.


How To Use 2ndPassports.com

Using 2ndPassports.com could not be easier. On our homepage you will see a selection of countries with excellent Citizenship by Investment programs, with information on each country’s financial requirements, residential demands and linguistic stipulations (if any).

If you require more information or you would like a quote, our contact details are listed at the top of the homepage. Feel free to call or Skype us at any time. All our lines are SSL encrypted for privacy, and you can chat to one of our expert representatives. If you prefer you can contact us via email, WhatsApp or Telegram.

2ndPassports.com prides itself on its history of helping not just the business sector but also asylum seekers and refugees. Clearly, with the horrors you have been forced to endure, second citizenship is exactly what you need, and with our help, you will surely achieve your goal. We are waiting for your call!



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