For the past two decades the story that has dominated the world’s economy has been China. China has emerged as an economical titan, able to outperform and undercut any Western industry on the planet, driving consumer prices down, pushing public expectation up, while all of the while scaring the Western political establishment to death.

Then suddenly China’s economic growth plateaued. It suffered its first taste of inflation. And as a result, China is no longer viewed as a looming threat that will reduce the rest of the world’s industries to abandoned chasms. It turns out that China is just like the rest of us, only many times larger.


I’m Chinese – Why Do I Need A Second Passport?

There is an awful lot of very wealthy people in China. China currently has 213 billionaires, second only to the US. They also have 3.6 million millionaires, 3 million less than the US, but China is creating more millionaires at a faster pace than anyone else.

Despite the global economic downturn, the number of wealthy households in China continues to grow, and by 2015 it had climbed to more than 4.4 million, trailing only the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

The bottom line is China’s wealthy are getting richer and expanding in number. Naturally, many will look beyond the enormous boundaries of their beautiful country, and wish to sample life in other parts of the world, whether for economic, banking or touristic purposes. That’s when a passport that can take the holder to most parts of the world visa-free comes in.


The Chinese Passport Is One Of The Weakest In The World

China may be an economic powerhouse, but its passport is an underperforming wimp. A Chinese passport holder has visa-free access to just 52 countries worldwide. Those countries include several tax havens in the Caribbean like Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, Jamaica, and Antigua and Barbuda. A Chinese passport will also get you into several Far Eastern countries, but that’s about as good as it gets.

Chinese citizens wishing to visit North or South America, East and Western Europe, most of Africa or Australia can only do so with extensive visas.

By comparison, passport holders in the E.U, the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia can enjoy visa-free travel to more than 170 countries throughout the world. The E.U passport in particular is the most sought after of all because it not only allows the holder extensive visa-free travel, it also entitles the owner freedom to live and work in any country within the European Union for as long as they so wish.

Holders of passports for relatively small E.U nations like Malta, Cyprus and Greece can live in major European countries like the UK, France and Germany and enjoy the exact same civil and working rights as individuals born and raised in those countries.


How Does Citizenship By Investment Work?

If you log onto, on their homepage you will see displayed a number of countries that are offering Citizenship by Investment programs. Citizenship by Investment is the practice of investing a specific financial sum into a country, and in return being rewarded with its citizenship and passport.

One of the most popular countries for Chinese immigrants is Russia, who in 2015 instigated their own Citizenship by Investment program. can speed up the process of Russian citizenship for Chinese immigrants dramatically. For more information click on the tab marked URGENT IN A HURRY? on the homepage and send a message.

If you require a European passport and speed is of the essence, one of the best programs on offer at the moment is that provided by Greece, and via, full Greek citizenship can be obtained in as little as three months.

Other European countries with Citizenship by Investment programs featured on the homepage include Portugal, Cyprus, Malta, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and the UK. These programs may differ in cost, terms of residency and the duration between the start of the citizenship process and delivery of your passport.

Whichever program you ultimately choose, will support you all of the way and do 99% of the work for you, leaving you free to get on with your current life, and prepare for your new one as a dual citizen.


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As a Chinese citizen you have lived through great changes in your country in the past few decades, with more sure to come. Many of your countrymen are more than happy to remain in China to see what the future may hold, but if you are one of the millions who longs to experience life in the world outside of China’s borders, why not take that first step and contact today?



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