In January 2016 the West terminated the bulk of its economic sanctions against Iran, ending restrictions on Iranian trade, shipping and insurance, and ushering in a brave new dawn for Iran’s long-suffering 77 million inhabitants.

This is the day we were awaiting for for years. There will be big changes.” So said Michael Tockuss, the managing director of the German-Iranian chamber of commerce, echoing the thoughts of millions of his countrymen, both living in Iran and abroad.

Iran has the largest population and potentially the biggest economy in the Middle East. Its population’s levels of literacy and education are comparable with most countries in the West, and its student-to-employment ratio is among the highest in the world. In short, Iran is already geared up to become a major player in the world’s economic markets for years to come.


The Drawbacks of the Iranian Passport

So what’s going to hold Iranians back from travelling to the West and the rest of the world and finally getting on with business? There is one huge stumbling block right off the bat: the Iranian passport is one of the weakest in the world.


Passport Power

The power of a passport is measured by the amount of countries the holder can enter visa-free. An Iranian passport allows the owner entry into only 37 countries without the need of a visa, which places it 98th on the Visa Restrictions Index, tied with the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Lebanon and Libya.

By comparison, the most powerful passports in the world are those of Sweden, Finland, Germany, the UK and the USA, all of which allow the holder access to 174 countries visa-free.


Can An Iranian Obtain Second Citizenship?

Yes, although it should be kept as a private matter at least for now. The Iranian government’s official stance is that it does not recognize dual citizenship, yet it is faced with a conundrum; There are an estimated 5 million expat Iranians living in Europe, the USA, Australia and the Middle East. Many of these expats are the extended families of Iran’s business elite who fled the country in 1979 following the fall of the Shah.

These expats have an estimated combined wealth of $1.5 trillion, and have established businesses and business dealings throughout the world. These wealthy Iranians have been investing their money everywhere but in their home country. An estimated $400 billion has been invested in the USA, Europe and China, plus an additional $200 billion in Dubai, but nothing in Iran.

With the cessation of economic sanctions and restrictions, the hope in Iran is that these wealthy expats will now want to invest massively in their home country, and that they also have the infrastructure in place in foreign countries to establish trade links back into Iran.

Clearly such arrangements will not be able to flourish unless Iran takes a more relaxed stance on second citizenship, which unofficially they already have done.


Which Passport Would Work Best For An Iranian?

Selecting the passport that would best suit your needs depends on where you are in terms of your work and your business. While the most beneficial would appear to be a European or US passport, if you are intending to remain in Iran for the time being but would like a safe haven outside of Iran to keep your money, a passport to a Caribbean country like Dominica or St Kitts and Nevis might suffice.

There is a an estimated 500,000 Iranian-Americans (or Persian-Americans as many prefer to be called) living in the US, and as a demography, they are among the highest educated and highest achieving of any ethnic group in the United States. Clearly, obtaining a US passport would be a goal for many Iranians, the only down side being there is 5 years of residency before citizenship, most of which needs to be spent in the US.

If it is freedom of movement you require, an E.U passport with its access to 170+ countries visa-free is essential. In addition, and E.U passports grants the owner the freedom to live and work anywhere in Europe for as long as they wish.


Does Help Iranians Get Second Citizenship? has already helped many people from the Middle East achieve their dream of second citizenship, a large percentage of them Iranians, and with the termination of the West’s economic sanctions, we are expecting a lot more.

At we know that the typical Iranian is as intelligent, hardworking and ambitious as any of their Western counterparts, perhaps even more so. Iranians are hungry people; hungry for success, hungry to live life to the full, hungry to experience travel and put years of austerity behind them.

With’s help, all of that can become a reality.


What Next?

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