Saudi Arabia has been at the forefront of the world’s economy for more than 80 years, and is one of the wealthiest and most influential countries on earth. Thanks to Saudi Arabia’s long-running special relationship with the United States that began with the discovery of oil in the 1930s, the country is viewed as one of the West’s major allies in the Middle East.


Saudi Arabia’s Waning Influence In The West

Not too long ago, Saudi Arabia cast a long shadow over the US and Western Europe. As the major oil producing nation on the planet, the Saudis set the price for the fuel that filled everything from cars and planes to tanks, jet fighters and aircraft carriers, so keeping a cozy relationship between all parties was essential.

In the last decade, an abundance of oil sources has been discovered world-wide, from breakaway republics in the former Soviet Union to the fracking fields of Texas, suddenly oil is everywhere, and the West no longer needs to go cap-in-hand to Saudi Arabia for its life-blood.

An article in the UK broadsheet The Telegraph in 2015 was headlined by Saudi Arabia may go broke before the US oil industry buckles, and went on to state that If the oil futures market is correct, Saudi Arabia will start running into trouble within two years. It will be in existential crisis by the end of the decade.

Relationships between the West and Saudi Arabia remain good, however, and Saudi oil reserves remain the largest on the planet, and they remain – at least for now – the US and Europe’s chief supplier. However there is a growing consensus that the country needs to diversify, and many Saudi businesspeople are now looking for opportunities further afield, in the oil industry and also in other walks of life.


The Limitations Of The Saudi Passport

If you are a Saudi businessperson you will be only too aware of the limitations of your passport. A Saudi Arabian passport currently grants the holder access to just 66 countries and territories worldwide, placing it 74th in the Visa Restrictions Index’ rankings.

Aside from several Central American and Caribbean countries, a few African nations and a handful of destinations in Southeast Asia, Saudis need visas to travel. The bulk of North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe and most of Africa and Asia is off limits to them without visas.

By comparison, E.U and US passport holders enjoy the luxury of being able to enter 170+ countries visa-free worldwide, as do citizens of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The official stance by the Saudi government is that dual citizenship is not allowed, and if caught, the offender risks losing their Saudi Arabian citizenship. Of course, the unofficial stance is that the government is prepared to look the other way, so long as the offender is remaining in Saudi Arabia and adding to the county’s economy. Tens of thousands of Saudi’s have second passports, allowing them to travel the world easily without the constant need for visa application.


Dual Citizenship Equals Economic Freedom

Thanks to the annual increase in nations offering Citizenship by Investment programs and vastly experienced online citizenship specialists like, getting that game-changing second passport has never been easier. Log onto their website and scroll down the homepage and you will see a selection of countries offering Citizenship by Investment programs.

These nations are literally granting applicants full citizenship in return for a financial investment. They include E.U countries like Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary and Malta. All E.U passports allow the holder access to more than 170 countries, but also grant the user freedom to live and work anywhere within the European Union for as long as they want. For example, if you were to acquire a Greek passport, you could live and work in the UK indefinitely, with the exact same rights as naturalized British citizens.


Beginning The Process To Dual Citizenship

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There is one guarantee in this world we share nothing stays the same for long, and people constantly need to adapt and diversify. Ownership of a second passport is fast becoming as essential a tool for the modern businessperson as a second language.

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The Benefits Of Dual Citizenship For Saudis
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The Benefits Of Dual Citizenship For Saudis
A Saudi Arabian passport currently grants the holder access to just 66 countries and territories worldwide, placing it 74th in the Visa Restrictions Index' rankings.
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