Let’s face it, most fair minded people know that Turkey should have been made an E.U member many years ago. As far back as the Ankara Agreement of 1963, Turkey has been on the verge of acceptance for full E.U membership, and yet the powers that be have continued to freeze out this proud, democratic, secular country. Ironically, despite an estimated seven million Turks living productive lives within their borders, the main thorn in Turkey’s side would appear to be Germany, currently the most influential nation in Western Europe.

If you are a Turkish citizen who is tired of waiting for your country to be awarded E.U membership, it’s time for you to take matters into your own hands, by granting yourself second citizenship to an E.U member state via Citizenship by Investment.


Is Citizenship By Investment Easy To Achieve?

If you can pass a background check, have the sufficient finances and are committed to confirming to the residential specifications laid out by the country of your choosing, Citizenship by Investment is not just achievable; to use a sports betting term – it is a nailed on certainty. The bottom line is that any country which has initiated a Citizenship by Investment program by definition wants an influx of wealthy investors.


Which Passport Would Be Best For Me?

As a Turkish citizen, you will no doubt feel more of a geographical connection to Europe than the United States for example. Logistically, if you are intending to make your second country your permanent base, a move to a European country would also be far easier than a move to the US. Even if you intend to remain in Turkey, simply owning a European passport will open up many new doors for you in terms of travel and where you can live and work, which could be anywhere in the E.U.

Your Turkish passport currently gives you visa-free travel to 102 countries, which ranks you 49th in the world in terms of passport power. But crucially, those countries does not include those of North American, the E.U, Eastern Europe, most of Africa, much of Asia or Australasia, so you are pretty much frozen out of world business unless you have a pocket full of visas.

The Russian Citizenship by Investment program is excellent for those who wish to live, work and establish their business in Russia. However if one desires freedom of travel and options where they can live and work, both the Russian and Turkish passports have similar limitations.


Which E.U Country Should I Choose?

So, if we have established that E.U citizenship is what you want, the question now becomes which Citizenship by Investment program do you choose? On the 2ndPassports.com website you will see examples of the very best Citizenship by Investment programs worldwide, including several E.U member state options.

Some, like the UK for example, require both a financial investment plus a specific amount of time to be passed within the country’s borders during residency before full citizenship can be applied for. The gestation period of residency to full UK citizenship is also one of the longest, taking between 5-7 years.

At the other end of the scale, both Maltese and Cypriot citizenship takes only months to achieve, and with a minimal period of residency required.

The most logical approach is to speak to one of 2ndPassports.com’s expert representatives, explain to them exactly what your requirements and needs are, and they will help you make an educated choice. Once you are certain of your choice, 2ndPassports.com will handle your application for you and also guide you through your residential period until that happy day comes when you receive your second citizenship.




Who Are 2ndPassports.com?

2ndPassports.com was established in Switzerland in 2004 to offer businesses and business people the opportunity to safeguard wealth from extreme taxation. The advent of Citizenship by Investment, and the annual increase in countries introducing their own programs means 2ndPassports.com now have additional offices in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Caribbean, Guatemala, Russia and Germany, and thanks to our hands-on approach and success rate, have become the market leaders in the online acquisition of economic passports.

Our cliental may range from high-flying business tycoons to political refugees but they each have a shared goal, a common denominator if you will; to have access to a level of freedom that will enable them to get more out of this world we live in than they currently have.




What Do I Do Now?

If you have decided to go ahead and apply for a second passport, or are still undecided and have questions you would like to ask, contact 2ndPassports.com today by phone or Skype (all lines encrypted for privacy), or message us via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. All our contact information is listed on our homepage. Our lines are open and we have expert representatives waiting for your call.

Turkey will surely become an E.U member state one day, but if you are no longer prepared to leave your future and that of your family in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats, it’s time to take action. Call 2ndPassports.com today, and start living the rest of your life by your rules!




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