We know the poor conditions in war-torn Syria and Iraq; we also regularly hear news of refugees trying to cross into Europe in order to find peace. These refugees seem to have little options, unless they’re rich.

According to reports, wealthy Iraqis and Syrians are buying second citizenship around the globe and settle in peaceful regions. A number of countries offer nationality to foreign citizens on certain conditions, including investment in different fields. However, not every refugee can afford such a program since the price tag ranges to thousands of dollars, and in some cases even millions.

While this option may not be available to every refugee, some lucky ones are getting in touch with different agencies that offer second citizenship in peaceful countries. With new and unfortunate events unfolding on a daily basis, things are not looking very bright for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. As a result, more and more people are trying to evade the country and move to another location. Settling as a refugee is not the easiest option since many European nations and other countries close to these war-torn regions are not very welcoming.

While the general consensus is that the residents in such countries are poor, reports seem to indicate that a good amount of Syrians and Iraqis have already bought second citizenship.

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