Dual citizenship and second passports are rapidly becoming de-rigueur in the modern business world. If your passport is so weak you have to apply for a visa every time you need to travel, it’s not just an inconvenience: it is limiting your earning potential and causing you to miss out on investment opportunities.

Clients of 2ndPassports.com know that the most desirable passports in the world are those of the E.U, which allow holders access to 170-or more countries visa-free, and to live and work without time limitations anywhere in Europe.

We also know that high net-worth business people from Africa, Asia and the Middle-East are willing to invest substantially in countries like Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece and Malta in order to obtain what to them will be a life altering document.

But which are the World’s Most Pointless Passports? We are not even talking about the passports of Afghanistan and Iraq, which combined have access to just 55 countries. We are talking about documents pertaining to near-fictitious lands.

The Daily Mail’s online site revealed these diplomatic gems, and it’s safe to say, none of 2ndPassports.com will be enquiring about them anytime soon!


1. The Iroquois League Passport


Believe it or not, this passport has been around since 1923, with varying degrees of success. The Iroquois League consists of six Native American Indian tribes – Mohawk, Oneida, Seneca, Onondaga, Cayuga and Tuscarora – and has around 125,000 members.

Rather than a pointless passport, this document has validity, and if it can be legally delivered to those people who are entitled to it by birth-right, why not?

2ndPassports.com says: give this passport the respect it deserves seriously.


2. Principality of Sealand Passport


If the Iroquois League Passport has relevance, this is just plain bonkers. Sealand is a disused WW2 platform located in international waters six miles off the British coast. Ex-soldier Roy Bates declared it an independent state in 1966, and announced himself as Prince Roy.

Prince Roy will gladly sell you a passport to Sealand, and several other titles and honors also, including membership of the Sealand international football team.


3. Diplomatic passport of the Principality of New Utopia


One can only wonder what the creators of this passport were smoking when they came up with this idea, which sounds like the result of an acid trip during the Flower Power era of the late 1960s. The Principality of New Utopia was in fact a project devised in the 1990s. The idea was to build a small independent country run on libertarian lines in international waters in the Caribbean. Needless to say, they printed a few thousand passports, sobered up, and nothing more became of it.

Utopia indeed. Good luck travelling on that passport!


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